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Hi! My name is Luis R. Valentino, Ed.D. and I am the Founder of The Valgar Institute, an education knowledge network. As a network for educators and anyone interested in forever learning, The Valgar Institute has leveraged the power of technology to curate, produce, and publish content across four platforms that is current and relevant. 


Wiredprofiles is a daily digest of education news and information.  The goal is to create meaningful content that keeps readers informed and updated. The digest affords readers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the education profession. Headlines are enhanced with our reflections and commentary. 

Valgar Publishing is a small publisher seeking to bring voice to those who aspire to tell their story.  The goal is to help writers share their story with an audience.  It all begins with the submission of a proposal.

District Leader podcasts are about substantive conversations with leaders in education from across the country. As a career educator, and host of the District Leader podcasts, I bring a unique vantage point from which to create curiosity-provoking conversations that delve into each guest’s calculated thoughts and ideas, both public and private.  These podcasts are designed to provide meaningful listener benefits. 

Brainery is an online platform for learning and teaching, with a  focus on educators.  My belief in the concept of forever learning means that Brainery is designing courses that create opportunities for you to learn, 24/7, at a time and place that is convenient for you.  More importantly, you can take us with you, on your laptop, your ipad, and your smartphone.  It will be relaunching the Winter of 2016.